Battleground Candidates

Washington State Legislature

5th LD Senate (King)

Ingrid Anderson

Healthcare and behavioral health workers like us fight hard for our patients and clients every day. We know what it takes to provide top-quality care, and we know how important it is for our front-line experience to be heard in our workplaces and in the halls of power.

This year, we have the chance to elect one of our own to the Washington State Senate for the 5th Legislative District.

Ingrid Anderson is a psychiatric nurse and leader in her union. She’s stood side-by-side with us in Olympia in some of our biggest fights—for meal and rest breaks, for safer working conditions and against surprise billing for our patients. Now, she’s running for state Senate to challenge incumbent

Mark Mullet, whose ties to big business make him the wrong choice for our community.

While Ingrid is a proven fighter for workers and patients, Mark Mullet has used his position to put the interests of big business over the needs of our community. He voted to strip meal and rest breaks from nurses at our own Snoqualmie Valley Hospital. He voted against our state’s landmark long-term care law that supports our community’s seniors. He’s fought against the union workers he once pledged to support. And he happily takes thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Ingrid’s career as a nurse makes her a different kind of candidate. Better healthcare for our community and safer conditions for healthcare workers—especially during COVID-19—are some of Ingrid Anderson’s highest priorities. She works in the same healthcare system we do and she understands the changes that must be made to put the focus on patient care and worker safety over corporate profits. And Ingrid has a vision for how our state and our healthcare system can become better prepared for a future public health crisis.

Starting with the August 4 primary election, we have the opportunity to elect a senator who will see our community through the COVID-19 crisis and help us realize our vision as union healthcare workers of a Washington State where good healthcare for all and security for all working people are guaranteed. Big-money donors and big business can pay for candidates who will make politics work for them. But we can use our power as workers to make our state legislature work for us, our families and our patients. Let’s use that power to send nurse Ingrid Anderson to the Washington State Senate. Learn more about Ingrid.


5th LD House

Bill Ramos

Rep. Bill Ramos is running for re-election for the 5th Legislative District, House Position 1. Before he was elected, Ramos was an Issaquah City Council member as well as a member of the Human Services Commission and the Planning Policy Commission. In his time as a local elected official, Ramos earned a reputation as an environmentalist by fighting for sustainable development and growth policies, as well as supporting expanded transit options. He built on that reputation in his first term in Olympia by sponsoring a slate of environmental bills this legislative session, including House bills on carbon sequestration and expanding equitable community renewable energy projects. Ramos says his priorities if re-elected would include transportation improvements to replace aging infrastructure and passing more environmental protections. Learn more about Bill.

Lisa Callan

Incumbent Lisa Callan is running unopposed for re-election to the 5th Legislative District, House Position 2. She serves as the vice-chair on the House Budget and Finance Committee and the House Human Services and Early Learning Committee. A former Issaquah School Board member, one of Callan’s top priorities is equity in education, as well as the completion of State Highway 18 and increasing housing affordability. Learn more about Lisa.


10th LD Senate (Skagit)

Helen Price Johnson

Helen Price Johnson is challenging Republican incumbent Ron Muzzall for the state Senate seat in the 10th Legislative District. Price Johnson has held an impressive number of leadership positions in the community, including as a board member of the South Whidbey School District, as the first female board member of the Island County Commissioners, and on the Board of Directors of the Whidbey Community Foundation. She has also been a union member.

Price Johnson believes housing is a human right and that climate change requires imperative action. She pledges to revise the district’s housing regulations and move the state towards increased renewable energy. On healthcare and childhood education, Price Johnson wants to see more investment in mental health and addiction treatment as well as free early childhood education. Learn more about Helen.


10th LD House

Dave Paul

Incumbent Democrat Dave Paul is running for re-election this year in the 10th Legislative District. Paul is the current vice president of Skagit Valley College and has been a longtime advocate for children and public schools. During his term in the Legislature Dave worked on bills to lower the cost of prescription drugs, as well as advocating for a 100% clean electricity grid by 2025. If re-elected, Paul states that he will continue to prioritize environmental work and re-opening the economy safely. Learn more about Dave.


11th LD Senate (King)

Bob Hasegawa

Bob Hasegawa is running unopposed for re-election to the state Senate. Since first being elected to the House in 2005, Hasegawa has distinguished himself through his social justice work. He is a labor advocate and founding member of several labor boards, including Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance AFL-CIO and the Washington State Labor Council. Hasegawa has also been a strong advocate for reforming our state’s regressive tax system and has pushed to establish a state bank. Learn more about Bob.


11th LD House

Steve Bergquist

Rep. Steve Bergquist is running for re-election for his seat in the 11th Legislative District. A former public school teacher, Bergquist has fought hard to fully fund education and is focused on improving the quality of schools in our state. Throughout his tenure, Bergquist has also been a reliable advocate on social justice, health care, and environmental issues. In recent years, he has also been a strong advocate for young voters, including sponsoring bills that would allow 16- and 17-year-olds to preregister to vote, and let 17-year-olds participate in primaries if they will be 18 by the general election. Learn more about Steve.

Zack Hudgins

Rep. Zack Hudgins has become a strong progressive leader in the Legislature. Throughout his tenure, Hudgins has focused on standing up for vulnerable Washingtonians, strengthening election transparency, and making effective investments into our state economy. In particular, Hudgins played a lead role in passing automatic voter registration legislation and increasing the number of ballot drop boxes in 2018. This year, he organized bipartisan support for legislation to restrict the use of facial recognition software. Hudgins is running for re-election on a platform of preventing budget cuts due to the economic downturn, addressing affordable housing and homelessness, and continuing to support stronger privacy laws. Learn more about Zach.


17th LD State Senate

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith has been a social worker for more than two decades and currently manages the southwest Washington office for Community Health Plan of Washington, a local non-profit. As a Democrat, he believes in the principles of “family values, community values, [and] making sure everybody has an equal opportunity for success.” If elected, Smith wants to put his career in health care to work by advocating for more social services and better mental health care, as well as more affordable housing and early childhood education. He is running to support “data-driven decisions” when guiding public health and economic legislation. When it comes to managing the threat of coronavirus, Smith is determined to make sure that frontline health care workers have the PPE they need to stay safe and treat Washingtonians.


17th LD State House

Tanisha Harris

Tanisha Harris spent a decade working for the Evergreen School District and now works as a Court Appointed Special Advocate program specialist with the YWCA Clark County. Harris’ priorities include supporting low-income and workforce housing to address the state’s homelessness and housing affordability crisis, reducing gun violence, and making additional investments in education. She opposes re-opening Washington schools during the coronavirus pandemic until the science says it is safe to do so. Harris does not support an income tax but does want to rebalance the state’s upside-down tax system so that everyone pays their share.


19th LD Senate (Cowlitz)

Dean Takko

Sen. Dean Takko is a Democrat who has represented the 19th District since 2005. He previously served in the state House for 10 years before being appointed in 2015 to the Senate. Takko has supported bills that invest money in jobs and infrastructure. Learn more about Dean.


19th LD House

Brian Blake

Rep. Brian Blake has represented the 19th Legislative District since 2002. He is currently the Chair of the House Rural Development, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. Blake has recently championed investments in healthcare and unemployment relief to address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Learn more about Brian.


22nd LD Senate (Thurston)

Sam Hunt

Incumbent Sen. Sam Hunt was elected to the Senate in 2016 after representing the district in the House for 16 years. In the House, Hunt was an advocate of open and fair elections and sponsored bills to encourage online voter registration, while also supporting increased education funding and women’s health protections. This year the senator supported a broad range of progressive bills and sponsored several, including cost-sharing requirements for insulin and requiring schools to incorporate local tribes’ history into their curriculum.

Hunt’s priorities in the Senate include fixing our upside-down tax structure, which is the most regressive in the nation, more equitable funding for early education, and supporting universal health care. Learn more about Sam.


22nd LD House

Laurie Dolan

Incumbent Rep. Laurie Dolan is running for re-election for the 22nd Legislative District, Position 1. As an educator with more than 30 years of classroom and area director experience with Spokane Public Schools, Dolan has served as the vice chair of the Education and State Government Committees where she fought for workers’ rights and to fully fund education. Some of her recent legislative highlights include funding for mental health experts in schools and transparent salary history laws that benefit women and people of color. If re-elected, Dolan states that she will continue her work on safe schools, protections for workers, and expanding affordable healthcare. Learn more about Laurie.

Jessica Bateman

Olympia Mayor Pro Tem Jessica Bateman is running for the 22nd Legislative District, House Position 2 to fill the seat vacated by Beth Doglio. Bateman has been a tireless progressive advocate on the council, working toward equitable housing solutions, protecting our green space, and ensuring no one is left behind. Accomplishments from her first term include co-chairing the Home Fund, a campaign to provide safe housing and essential services for vulnerable homeless community members, and sponsoring a resolution to make Olympia a sanctuary city. Learn more about Jessica Bateman.


25th LD Senate (Pierce)

Julie Door

Puyallup mayor and local small business owner Julie Door is running for state Senate in the 25th Legislative District. Prior to being elected as mayor this year, Door served on the council for seven years, where she supported the purchase of the Van Lierop farm to create a new park, implemented a Safe Routes to Schools initiative, and worked on securing adequate shelter for homeless people in inclement weather. She was the community services chair of the Puyallup Kiwanis Club and is a board member of the South Sound 911 Board, among other community involvement. Door grew up in a union family, and one of her first jobs was with the Boilermakers Local 502 and 568. If elected, Door would prioritize improving expanding health care access and mental health treatment, pushing for living-wage jobs in the district, and promoting more equity and investment in the classroom. Learn more about Julie.


25th LD House

Brian Duthie

Firefighter and veteran Brian Duthie is vying for the 25th Legislative District, House Position 2. Duthie, a union first responder, is a board member of the Washington State Council of Firefighters Burn Foundation. He aims to strengthen K-12 education by reducing class sizes, adding more special education resources, and making sure teachers are fairly compensated. Duthie would also focus on health care affordability and reducing traffic congestion in Pierce County. Learn more about Brian.

Jamie Smith

Puyallup School District teacher and Puyallup Education Association member Jamie Smith is running for the 25th Legislative District, House Position 1 on a platform of improving life for families, working Washingtonians, and others in her district. As a union educator, she wants to secure more stable funding for schools. She also wants to see additional rapid transit to accommodate the more than 50 percent of workers who live in Pierce County but work outside its boundaries, investments in small business, job training in renewable energy positions, and a shift away from the state’s heavily regressive tax system. Learn more about Jamie.


26th LD House (Pierce)

Carrie Hesch

Carrie Hesch is challenging Republican Rep. Jesse Young for the 26th Legislative District, House Position 1. Hesch works at the Washington Corrections Center for Women, where she’s a member of Teamsters Local 117, and serves as a Director on the Key Peninsula Community Service Board. Hesch is running on a strong platform of making the tax code more equitable, health care reform, and protecting workers, including making sure front-line employees get the PPE that they need. Learn more about Carrie.

Joy Stanford

Joy Stanford is challenging Republican Rep. Michelle Caldier for the 26th Legislative District, House Position 2. Stanford is a substitute teacher who has worked in the district with underserved and elderly populations, helping them gain health care access. Her campaign is focusing on keeping infrastructure projects on budget and ensuring health care access for all. She hopes to draw from her experience as a Community Outreach Specialist for Shared Housing Services to address the affordable housing crisis. Learn more about Joy.


28th LD Senate (Pierce)

T’wina Nobles

T’wina Nobles is the President and CEO of the Tacoma Urban League, an educator, and the University Place School Board Director. She has worked in education for 15 years as an instructor, PTA leader, School Board member and is endorsed by numerous Democratic elected officials. Nobles has three kids in public schools and one who graduated from Curtis High School. She wants to increase pay for teachers, reduce class sizes, and work to make schools more inclusive and equitable. Nobles knows more needs to be done to ensure families in the 28th are healthy and safe. She wants to reform our upside-down tax structure and fight for better wages and affordable housing for working people. Learn more about T’wina.


28th LD House

Dan Bronoske

Dan Bronoske is running for the 28th Legislative District, House Position 2, to succeed the retiring Rep. Christine Kilduff. Bronoske has worked as a firefighter in Pierce County and Lakewood for almost two decades. As an active union member, he has experience working in Olympia advocating for policies that protect all workers. If elected, Bronoske will prioritize supporting working families, addressing the opioid epidemic, reducing health care costs, and improving our transportation system. Learn more about Dan.

Mari Leavitt

Rep. Mari Leavitt is running for re-election for the 28th Legislative District, House Position 1. She has been a hard-working leader who represents the district well. This year, Rep. Leavitt supported legislation to combat the climate crisis and passed bipartisan legislation to support military families. She also supported legislation to prohibit race-based hair discrimination. In addition, Leavitt was recently appointed to the State Legislators’ Task Force on Military and Veterans Affairs. Learn more about Mari.


30th LD House (Pierce)

Jesse Johnson

Rep. Jesse Johnson is running for re-election to the 30th Legislative District, House Position 2. Rep. Johnson previously served as a member of the Federal Way City Council before being appointed to the legislature in January. A member of the Washington Education Association, Rep. Johnson works as a staffing analyst in workforce planning and development for Highline Public Schools and has sponsored multiple bills to support at-risk youth. This year, Johnson sponsored legislation to prohibit race-based hair discrimination and supported gun safety legislation, as well as establishing a student loan program for undocumented students. Learn more about Jesse.

Jamila Taylor

Jamila Taylor is running for the 30th Legislative District, House Position 1 to succeed Rep. Mike Pellicciotti, who is running for state treasurer. Taylor is an attorney who advocates for crime victims and has an extensive record of volunteer service. She served as the statewide advocacy counsel for the Northwest Justice Project, where she managed a network of legal aid attorneys, and has worked on youth intervention programs and other violence reduction efforts. Taylor’s progressive campaign platform includes increasing affordable housing, reducing the cost of prescription drugs, and improving transparency in government. Learn more about Jamila.


36th LD House (King)

Liz Berry

Democrat Liz Berry is running for the 36th Legislative District, House Position 2 to replace Rep. Gael Tarleton, who is running for secretary of state. Berry is the director of the Washington State Association of Justice. She previously served as the president of the National Women’s Political Caucus and on the board of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington.

If elected, her priorities include rebuilding our economy so it works for everyone, affordable childcare, health care reform, and an end to systematic police violence against Black people. Learn more about Liz.

Noel Frame

Rep. Noel Frame is running for re-election for the 36th Legislative District, House Position 1. Frame has served the district since 2016 and has put her organizing skills to use as a strong advocate for funding public schools and reforming our state’s regressive tax system. She previously served as the Washington State Director of Progressive Majority, where she worked to recruit and elect progressive candidates from underrepresented communities. Learn more about Noel.


37th LD House (King)

Sharon Tomiko Santos

Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos is running for re-election to the 37th Legislative District, House Position 1. Tomiko Santos chairs the House Education Committee and serves on the House Capital Budget Committee as well as the Consumer Protection & Business Committee. This year she sponsored legislation prohibiting race-based hair discrimination and supported gun safety as well as establishing the Washington State Office of Equity. Learn more about Sharon.

Kirsten Harris-Talley

Democrat Kirsten Harris-Talley is the interim director at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. Previously, she worked at the Progress Alliance of Washington helping raise money for progressive and community organizations across the state. In addition, Harris-Talley briefly served on the Seattle City Council in 2017 after Councilmember Tim Burgess stepped down.

Harris-Talley is running for the 37th Legislative District, House Position 2, to bring her experience in political campaigns, policy writing, and fighting for racial justice to Olympia. If elected, her top three priorities would be to help people stay in their homes by putting money in their pockets, pushing back against conservative attacks, and raising revenue by balancing our state’s upside-down tax code. Finally, Harris-Talley believes too much of the district is still zoned for single-family housing and will push for greater density. Learn more about Kirsten.


38th LD (Snohomish)

June Robinson

Sen. June Robinson is running to retain the seat she was appointed to in May after serving as a representative for the 38th District since 2013. In the House, Robinson served on the Appropriations, Health Care & Wellness, and Agriculture & Natural Resources Committees and previously worked as a public health nutritionist. She developed expertise in the state budget while serving in the state House and wants to continue her work reforming our regressive tax code, especially as we work to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Robinson’s platform includes increasing affordable housing, investing in roads and parks, and providing our students with the best possible schools. She has been an advocate for paid family leave, transparency in prescription drug pricing, and access to health care. Learn more about June.

Mike Sells

Rep. Mike Sells is running for re-election to the 38th Legislative District, House Position 2. Sells is a longtime leader in the Legislature, serving as the chair of the Labor and Workforce Development Committee. He is a former teacher and labor advocate who previously served as the president of the Everett Education Association. In the Legislature, Sells is dedicated to improving higher education and supported establishing the Washington State Office of Equity as well as requiring the state to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Learn more about Mike.


40th LD Senate (Whatcom)

Liz Lovelett

Sen. Liz Lovelett is running for re-election in the 40th Legislative District. She was appointed to the state Senate last year and successfully ran to retain the seat. Lovelett is a fifth-generation Anacortes resident who previously served on the Anacortes City Council. Lovelett has prioritized environmental conservation and played a key role in passing legislation protecting orcas and the Salish Sea. She sponsored legislation requiring schools to incorporate curriculum on local tribal history and establishing regulations for facial-recognition technology. Lovelett is running for re-election on a strong platform that includes prioritizing increasing affordable housing and expanding services for our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Learn more about Liz.


40th LD House

Debra Lekanoff

Rep. Debra Lekanoff is running for re-election to the 40th Legislative District, House Position 1. Lekanoff has spent more than two decades as a public servant in the 40th Legislative District and Washington state, including her work as the Government Affairs Director for the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community. She has spent her career working with various levels of government on complex policies and having conversations about what’s important for local families.

Lekanoff is running on a re-election platform of protecting the Salish Sea for future generations, improving educational opportunities, and sustainably rebuilding the economy. This year, she sponsored legislation to strengthen safety requirements for oil tankers, which is particularly important for protecting the Salish Sea. Lekanoff is the only Native woman in the state legislature. Learn more about Debra.

Alex Ramel

Rep. Alex Ramel is running for re-election to the 40th Legislative District, House Position 2. Ramel is an environmental organizer who played an important role in the campaign to reject the Cherry Point coal export terminal. He also helped found the “Community Energy Challenge” that has created jobs and helped homeowners and local businesses save money through energy efficiency improvements. As the former President of the Kulshan Community Land Trust, Ramel understands the need to prioritize affordable housing funding in Olympia. This year, he sponsored bills to prohibit race-based hair discrimination, increase incentives for building affordable housing, and establish a scenic bikeways program across the state. Learn more about Alex.


42nd LD House (Whatcom)

Sharon Shewmake

Rep. Sharon Shewmake running for re-election to the 42nd Legislative District, House Position 2. Shewmake is an economics professor specializing in environmental and urban economics at Western Washington University, where she is a member of the faculty union. She is a member of several community organizations, including the Whatcom County Climate Change Impacts Committee and Walk Bike Bus Bellingham. She is running to ensure that Washington can be a leader on climate change by cutting carbon while growing the economy. This year, Rep. Shewmake sponsored legislation to increase funding for the coronavirus response and supported legislation establishing the Washington State Office of Equity. Learn more about Sharon.

Alicia Rule

Alicia Rule is challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Luanne Van Werven for the 42nd Legislative District, House Position 1 seat. Rule serves on Blaine City Council, launched and served as president of the Blaine Downtown Development Association, was a social worker and now owns a therapy practice. She is running on a platform that includes tackling the affordable housing crisis by building more housing, bringing more living-wage jobs to Whatcom County, and providing support and services to veterans. Her top priority in the Legislature would be to keep local families safe, healthy, and secure. Rule will support our mental health system as well as agriculture and has numerous endorsements including from local nurses and teachers. Learn more about Alicia.


44th LD House (Snohomish)

John Lovick

Rep. John Lovick is running for re-election to the 44th Legislative District, Representative Position 1. Lovick is a former union member, Snohomish County executive and Mill Creek city councilmember. During his time on the Legislature, Lovick has been a strong supporter of unions and working people. This year, he sponsored legislation prohibiting race-based hair discrimination and supported gun safety legislation. Learn more about John.

April Berg

April Berg is running for the 44th Legislative District, House Position 2. Berg is a former small business owner who now serves as a director at the Everett School District and a planning commissioner for the City of Mill Creek. Her platform includes ensuring workers have safe conditions and living wages, affordable child care, increasing support for early learning, and reducing disparities in graduation and discipline rates for students of color. Berg wants to support the Housing Trust Fund to build more affordable housing and reduce barriers for shelters. She has endorsed a Clean Fuel Standard and pledges to advocate for environmental justice in underrepresented communities. Learn more about April.


47th LD House (King)

Debra Entenman

Rep. Debra Entenman is running for re-election to the 47th Legislative District, House Position 1. Before her election, Entenman served as the District Director for U.S. Representative Adam Smith. She was appointed by Governor Jay Inslee to the Renton Technical College Board of Trustees.

In her first term in office, Entenman had a strong progressive record, including sponsoring legislation to prohibit race-based hair discrimination. Entenman is running for re-election on a strong platform that promotes mitigating the effects of the coronavirus epidemic while addressing the root causes of inequality. Learn more about Debra.

Pat Sullivan

Rep. Pat Sullivan is running for re-election to the 47th Legislative District, House Position 2. Sullivan was going to retire after this term but when the coronavirus pandemic hit, House Speaker Laurie Jinkins asked him to re-consider to help craft a path forward for the budget.

In his time as a legislator, Sullivan has focused on helping working families by improving access to child care and protecting affordable health care. This year, he supported requiring the state to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, gun safety legislation, and prohibiting race-based hair discrimination as well as discrimination based on citizenship or immigration status. Learn more about Pat.

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