Ingrid Anderson for State Senate

5th Legislative District

Healthcare and behavioral health workers like us fight hard for our patients and clients every day. We know what it takes to provide top-quality care, and we know how important it is for our front-line experience to be heard in our workplaces and in the halls of power.

This year, we have the chance to elect one of our own to the Washington State Senate for the 5th Legislative District.

Ingrid Anderson is a psychiatric nurse and leader in her union. She’s stood side-by-side with us in Olympia in some of our biggest fights—for meal and rest breaks, for safer working conditions and against surprise billing for our patients. Now, she’s running for state Senate to challenge incumbent Mark Mullet, whose ties to big business make him the wrong choice for our community.

While Ingrid is a proven fighter for workers and patients, Mark Mullet has used his position to put the interests of big business over the needs of our community. He voted to strip meal and rest breaks from nurses at our own Snoqualmie Valley Hospital. He voted against our state’s landmark long-term care law that supports our community’s seniors. He’s fought against the union workers he once pledged to support. And he happily takes thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Ingrid’s career as a nurse makes her a different kind of candidate. Better healthcare for our community and safer conditions for healthcare workers—especially during COVID-19—are some of Ingrid Anderson’s highest priorities. She works in the same healthcare system we do and she understands the changes that must be made to put the focus on patient care and worker safety over corporate profits. And Ingrid has a vision for how our state and our healthcare system can become better prepared for a future public health crisis.

Starting with the August 4 primary election, we have the opportunity to elect a senator who will see our community through the COVID-19 crisis and help us realize our vision as union healthcare workers of a Washington State where good healthcare for all and security for all working people are guaranteed. Big-money donors and big business can pay for candidates who will make politics work for them. But we can use our power as workers to make our state legislature work for us, our families and our patients. Let’s use that power to send nurse Ingrid Anderson to the Washington State Senate.

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